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Stainless Steel Alkaline Energy Flask, 450ml - WBS0025

Stainless Steel Alkaline Energy Flask, 450ml - WBS0025

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Minerals are as essential to bodily functions as vitamins. They form the structure of our bodies and help our systems work. Minerals are elements required for human body for the several purposes like formation of blood, bones and teeth even other tissues, osmoregulation of body fluids, and control of physic-chemical process.

What can this water bottle do? 1. Regulates the pH balance for a more alkaline environment for vitality and harmony. 2. Reduces blood lipids and lowers blood pressure. 3. Regulates the gastrointestinal function. 4. Promoting human metabolism, and enhance human immunity. 5. High dissolving power of the alkaline water binds to the toxins in our body allowing for efficient waste elimination. 6. Protects the liver from harmful effects of alcohol and nicotine. 7. Powerful Anti-Oxidant: ORP reading of below -200mV in about 3-5 minutes 8. Breaks down water molecules for better absorption of nutrients and minerals through reverse osmosis, oxygenating the body and increasing metabolic rate

  • Code: WBS0025
  • Drinkware Category: Water Bottle
  • Drinkware Type: Stainless Steel Bottle
  • Material: 304 stainless steel, negative ion.
  • Capacity: 450ml
  • Accessories:
  • Color: Red, Blue, Silver, Black
  • Design Style: Classic
  • Water Flowing Method: Direct Drinking
  • Thermal Insulation Performance: 6-12 hours
  • Anti-corrosion Coating: Equipped
  • Boiling Water: Applicable
  • Suitable for: All
  • Outdoor Activity: Office
  • Occasion: Business gift
  • Notes: Please allow 1-3mm differences due to manual measurement, thank you! 2. Due to the difference between different monitors, please understand that the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
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